Poetry is not just a written act. It is also performative. The great Dante Alighieri performed his own great epic in front of live audiences, who were, reportedly, held spellbound. His rendition was so impassioned, and his visage so dark, that many thought he had, indeed, truly been to hell.

The English Cantos and the broader creativity of The Wider Circle will be hosting a number of events over the next few years. See details of them below.

The Wider Circle

Virtual Exhibition

June 10th – 21st, 2020

“The Wider Circle” introduces James Sale’s Divine Comedies and The English Cantos, startling yet accessible poems that describe a descent into hell and back.

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Follow the journey through the HellWard

Meet the poet, artists, and other collaborators. 

Engage in interactive activities; explore a virtual exhibition using story, poetry, image, and choose your own path through it via a game. 

View evocative artwork by artists Linda Sale, Angela Perrett, and Judith Warbey.

You can now see the full video performances of all twelve cantos of HellWard here!

“The Wider Circle” is for anyone who has an interest in our path through life’s travails, the triumph of the human spirit, and beauty beyond the merely literal.