Joseph Sale – Novelist, Writer, & Editor

Linda E. Sale – Artist

Robert Monaghan – Film Director & Game Designer

Evan Mantyk – President of the Society of Classical Poets

Pat Yates – Quaker, friend, and poetry enthusiast

J. Simon Harris – Poet & Translator

James B. Nicola – Poet

Steve Feltham –

Pascoe Sawyers – DJ & Author

J. D. Wallace – Professor of Communication Studies

Theresa Rodriguez – author of Jesus and Eros: Sonnets, Poems and Songs. She has also recently compiled a chapbook of 37 sonnets

David Orme – retired children’s writer and religious art enthusiast

Angela Perrett – Artist

David B. Gosselin  – a student of classics and languages based in Montreal

T. M. Moore – poet and Principle of The Fellowship of Ailbe

Brian Jenner – Speechwriter, Author & Event Organiser

Andrew Benson Brown – Poet

Judith Warbey – Artist

George Cochrane – Artist

Francis Etheredge – Catholic Theological Writer and Speaker 

Timothy Schmalz – Sculptor

Leonardo Ramirez – Author & Screenwriter

James A. Tweedie – Poet

Sally Cook – Artist & Poet

Anthony Watts – Poet

Ross Jeffrey – Novelist

Glynn Young – Poet

Daniel Fitzpatrick – Novelist & Translator

Simon J. Harris – Writer & Translator

Antonino Chiaramonte – Electroacoustic Composer, Sound Designer, Live Electronics Performer and Flautist

David Russell – Editor